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Playstation 4 Controller - Blue & Gold

95.99 USD / In stock.
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•  Own The Game. Stand out in the crowd with a design that reflects your style.
•  Your Game, Your Controller. All designs are inspired by you, to meet your custom needs.
•  100% Official. We only use authentic Sony Controllers.

 Enhance your gaming experience today.
 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Comes with 3 Month Parts Warranty and a 1 Year Manufacturers Guarantee.

Interact with games in all the ways you’re used to, plus some you never expected. More precise sticks, inbuilt motion sensors, an integrated speaker and touch controls are just some of the reasons why the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller puts intuitive, inspired play in your hands.

Broadcast Yourself
Capture and show off your finest moments at the tap of the SHARE button.

At Your Fingertips
Guide, flick or drag and drop using the brand new touch pad.

Hear Every Detail
Make the details stand out thanks to the inbuilt speaker and stereo headset jack.